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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Salmon Sushi & Walrus Runs

Here in Alaska the Salmon is fantastic! Our travel crew has found a great local hangout where the Japanese sushi is amazing and the salmon is so fresh it melts in your mouth. There's also a wonderful ice cream restaurant called the Walrus Runs. It reminds us so much of our film's tasty frozen treats - we're wondering if they stole the idea from us - or if we stole it from them!

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Audience Favorite

Dear Lilac Lemur was chosen as the audience favorite at the Alaskan Olympic Film Festival. The cards reported that everybody's favorite part of the movie was the high jump antics. We're considering holding our own contests in your town.

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Our Very First Blog Entry

We're on the road traveling and so excited to see our new site getting it's first visitors. Hello to everybody! (Waving) We're winning lots of prizes at film festivals and we're coming to a theater near you soon. Check our site for screening dates.

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